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Heating & Sludge

Central Heating Sludge

Sludge Underfloor Heating

Results: The central heating will not get warm, there are noises in the heating, sludge in radiators, silted underfloor heating, valves and fittings corrode, constant pump failures and periodic repairs are costly. Find out how to stop corrosion and sludge in your central heating in simple steps.

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Elector - formerly Elysator Water Treatment - Service Corrosion Protection Devices Type Elysator Water Treatment - Corrosion and Corrosion Protection

Troubleshooting for corrosion protection device type Elysator maintenance for corrosion protection device type Elysator Water Treatment service for corrosion protection device type Elysator parts for corrosion protection device type Elysator advice about corrosion protection device type Elysator Water Treatment error analysis for corrosion protection devices of type Elysator repair of corrosion protection devices of the type Elysator information on corrosion protection devices of type Elysator

Deionised Water Demineralised Water Air Separator Magnetite Separator

deionized water and corrosion protection - even air eliminator anti rust corrosion protection with deaerator type ELYSATOR Water Treatment. Magnetite. Deaerator - corrosion inhibitor sludge, cooling water treatment with corrosion protection sacrifical anode and demineralised water.

Microbubble deaerator dirt corrosion inhibitor

Anti-corrosion anode rust limescale and corrosion inhibitor cooling water treatment with the anti-corrosion anode - magnetite. Corrosion protection type Elysator. Deaerator and Demineralized Water Demineralized water deaerator deaerator and dirt separator.

Fill Central Heating

Demineralised water

Modern central heating systems should not only be filled with normal tap water. Modern heating system components are much more sensitive to heating water quality. Thus boiler manufacturers call for a special filling and system water quality according to common guidelines to meet their warranty conditions. To prevent damages caused by lime-scale and corrosion in heating systems and to avoid the loss of manufacturer warranty any professional installer should know the methods of heating system make-up water treatment and the best heating system filling water quality.

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Water Analysis

Water reading

The values of heating water, such as pH, conductivity, hardness and amount of dissolved oxygen reveal much about the internal condition of the central heating. By interpreting central heating water values one can read corrosion processes or estimate the risk of corrosion. Heating water value measurement is today an essential tool to avoid damages in the central heating.

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